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Your charitable gifts will fund new advancements in cancer treatment and care at Banner Boswell Medical Center. Breakthrough cancer-fighting technologies are emerging. With your help, we can invest in care innovations today to meet the needs of you and your loved ones tomorrow.

Your donations supporting this $6 million investment will enhance endoscopy services – diagnostic and treatment capabilities for lung and gastrointestinal conditions, including cancer. Investing in these projects will continue Sun Health Foundation’s legacy of supporting world-class healthcare in our own backyard, a medical oasis in the desert.

“Currently, Endoscopy rooms at Banner Boswell aren’t large enough to accommodate pulmonary and GI interventional cases, so those must be done in the OR, resulting in scheduling challenges and constrained patient volume. The new expansion will have interventional rooms, one each for pulmonary and GI cases. This technology will enhance the current lung cancer screening program, plus it allows clinicians to biopsy smaller and incidental lung nodules.” — ARCHAN SHAH, M.D., INTERVENTIONAL PULMONOLOGIST

How You Can Make A Difference

Supporting Sun Health Foundation’s Generosity for Generations Campaign is an opportunity to continue making a difference in our community. Investments in progressive and innovative cancer-fighting technologies ensure you and your loved ones benefit from the latest treatments close to home.

  • Expansion of treatment rooms and recovery space, optimizing patient care and flow
  • Innovative technologies and anesthesia capability for complex, more advanced gastrointestinal and lung care
  • State of the art robotic bronchoscopy machine, only two in Arizona with one at Banner Boswell, for complex biopsies and biopsies of smaller tumors, allowing earlier detection
  • Increased capacity for endoscopy procedures to examine pancreatic and bile ducts and to perform stenting procedures and more invasive interventions with precision technology
  • Availability for more gastrointestinal outpatient cases with expanded capacity and staffing
  • Continued investments in new equipment and technology also help recruit and retain talented medical professionals to our community

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