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Your charitable gifts support health and wellness programs in our communities. Providing a variety of free or low-cost health, wellness and fitness classes is a cornerstone of Sun Health’s commitment to support longer, healthier lives.

Sun Health’s community education programs cover the most common chronic health conditions that affect our communities, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and more. Additionally, the wide variety of wellness and fitness classes support successful aging and include nutrition, weight management, strength training and tai chi, among other offerings.

Your contributions will continue to make these programs possible, keeping you, your family and friends active and engaged for years to come.

How You Can Make An Impact

Your donations have helped to achieve 70% of the Generosity for Generations Campaign’s $48 million goal. Of that, $2 million will support:

  1.  Maintaining the variety and quality of wellness programs
  2.  Providing educational experiences and support to the community
  3.  Building knowledge and understanding about age-related diseases and ways to prevent, delay and manager their onset