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The Colonnade offers residents a place where they can feel a sense of comfort and belonging. Part of this sense of belonging comes from the upbeat and qualified employees that are on staff. Employees truly feel a part of the community and residents love interacting with them on a daily basis.

To show their appreciation of the staff, residents can voluntarily give to the Scholarship Fund at The Colonnade. This fund gives employees the opportunity to apply for academic scholarships which helps them continue to further their education. After employees apply for the scholarship, a committee at The Colonnade then screens and selects the scholarship recipients.

Employees are grateful that the community supports them in their efforts to further their education. And, residents are pleased that they can make a difference in the lives of the employees at their community. Thus far, the impact of this fund has been dramatic. In 2017, five scholarships were awarded to deserving employees, totaling $10,949—with 100% of the donations going towards the initiative.