Hero with Heart: Nina Rawal

Sun Health Foundation is proud to tell stories of people who are giving back, those we consider true Heroes with Heart.

While Sun Health Foundation’s Generosity for Generations Campaign inspires support for superior health care and wellness programs in the West Valley, the spirit of this Campaign celebrates generosity in many forms, including those who go the extra mile for others.

One example is Nina Rawal, a rising Hero with Heart and a sophomore at Xavier College Preparatory School in Phoenix.

At 15, Nina Rawal already has demonstrated time and again her generous heart for helping others.

Nina has been hard at work during the pandemic to help seniors and families in the Valley. She set up a mask donation club, Masks for Everyone, and has donated more than 500 masks to group home facilities in Glendale and Scottsdale with the help of local Sun City and Sun City West residents and churches.

While doing this, Nina discovered something too. She became aware of the struggles these facilities were facing in getting urgently needed wipes and cleaning sprays. Wanting to help, Nina launched a GoFundMe page and reached out to the community for support. To date, more than $2,200 has been raised to purchase these expensive and hard-to-find supplies.

Nina’s desire to help hasn’t stopped there. Because these seniors have been in lockdown in these group homes, and in many instances separated from family, she and her school friends started a pen pal club where they write and correspond regularly.  The results are clear, the letters cheer the residents and make Nina and her friends feel they are helping.

An avid violinist who recently was accepted into the Phoenix Symphony, Nina wanted to do even more, so she recorded her music and shared it with these seniors as a form of music therapy.

To help families, Nina reached out to parents of children who are struggling with stay-at-home schooling and offers free tutoring and homework help several times a week.

Indeed, this apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She is the daughter of Dr. Shelly Gandhok, hematologist/oncologist; and Dr. Manoj Rawal, cardiologist – both of whom practice in the West Valley. Their philosophy of helping others, evidenced by their love of serving patients and supporting families in the West Valley for more than 15 years, is inspiring the next generation.

What a difference Nina is making! Sun Health Foundation honors her and the many others who are giving their all during this time. Her spirit is a true reflection of the Foundation’s Generosity for Generations Campaign that celebrates donations of time, talent, treasure, and testimony.

Sharing stories like Nina’s is one way to honor someone who has gone the extra mile. Another is with a Tribute Gift. If you’d like to honor or thank someone with this timeless gift, please contact the Foundation at (623) 471-8500. For more information about the Campaign, please visit click here.



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