Nancy Blum Urbach has called Arizona home for more than two decades and loves the life she has made for herself volunteering, enjoying friendships, managing her website, and writing her memoir.

She has two sons and now also enjoys three grandchildren. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Nancy lived in many different places before deciding on Arizona. She never looked back.

Living life to the fullest is important to Nancy, and embracing wellness – spiritual, emotional and physical – helps her do just that. In fact, her website features inspirational messages and wellness insights. It is one of many ways she gives back to help others.

How fortunate that Sun Health Wellness programs are here to support Nancy’s vibrant lifestyle. Taking exercise classes helped her with stretching, toning, balance and and strength training. Nancy appreciates the personalized support she received, that exercises were tailored to her needs, and that classes were available when she needed them. Exercise classes are among the many types of classes offered through Sun Health Wellness that empower participants to live longer, healthier, more purposeful lives. In total, Wellness programs focus on fitness, nutrition, balance and mobility, weight management, acupuncture and massage.

Consultative services include the Care Transitions and Memory Care Navigator programs. Community support helps make these and many other Sun Health Wellness programs possible. A $2 million initiative inviting support is a vital part of Sun Health Foundation’s Generosity for Generations Campaign.

Sun Health has been an important part of Nancy’s and her family’s lives in many ways. Her late parents, Reba and Robert Blum, were residents of Sun Health’s Grandview Terrace. Nancy is a member of Sun Health At Home®, which gives members the opportunity to continue living independently wherever they call home, with the assurance of knowing that they have guaranteed lifetime access to health care should their health needs ever change.

Being connected with Sun Health was never more important the night Nancy was chatting with a girlfriend on the phone and her blood pressure skyrocketed. She reached out to Sun Health At Home, then called 911. She was met at the hospital by her membership counselor who also served as her medical care advocate and took care of everything for her. Upon discharge from Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, Sun Health entered Nancy’s life once again, through Care Transitions. The program helps ease the transition from hospital to home with in-home nurse visits and follow-up phone calls. That added layer of support put Nancy at ease.

Also contributing to her peace of mind was that Banner Del E. Webb was close to home for her parents and her late husband, Walter Urbach, Jr. Nancy was so grateful for the superior health care Walter received from Banner Del E. Webb’s health care team that she hosted a celebration to thank everyone on the unit. This best-in-class health care is supported in part by the community with donations to Sun Health Foundation, the medical center’s exclusive philanthropic partner.

She and her family are among the many examples of generations of families who are showing their gratitude for and support of vibrant living here in the West Valley. And actively participating in it all.

Philanthropy – A Family Tradition

In Nancy’s family, philanthropy is a tradition spanning three generations. Not only has she and Walter given of their time and treasure in support of health, wellness and research in the West Valley, her parents have as well. This spirit of giving was passed down to Nancy from her parents and grandparents, Mortimer and Gertrude May. “Do unto others and always be charitable, they taught,” she says. To all of them, philanthropy comes full circle. Volunteering, charitable giving and participating in the longevity and Brain & Body Donation programs at the Banner Sun Health Research Institute are examples of their philanthropy that has helped benefit health care today and for the future.

Nancy has continued to honor her family’s legacy of philanthropy. In memory of her mother and grandmother, Nancy made a gift to Sun Health Foundation in support of Banner Del E. Webb’s Louisa Kellam Center for Women’s Health. And she gives to the Generosity for Generations Campaign to further support superior health care and wellness. “What I give, I get back in spades,” Nancy says. “It makes your heart feel good.”

“I have so much confidence and faith in SunHealth. How can anyone possibly move anywhere else than the West Valley?” she asks. “Because Sun Health wouldn’t be present in their lives and it would be such a loss. They are such a vital part of this community.” And to her, Sun Health is family.