Stacey Lester and her mother Deborah Kling remember the opening of the Louisa Kellam Center for Women’s Health at Del E. Webb Hospital in Sun City West on 02/02/02 with the birth of twins. They also remember the pride they felt witnessing the Center’s arrival close to home. “What a gift to our community,” they thought.

That pride stemmed from being both residents and employees. They were both working at Sun Health at the time, Stacey for Boswell and Del E. Webb hospitals (hospital operations transitioned to Banner Health in 2008), and Deb in Sun Health’s Administrative offices.

Stacey was first a Certified Nursing Assistant and then moved to an administrative position. Today, 18 years later, she is supervisor for the administrative staff in the executive offices at both Banner Boswell and Banner Del E. Webb medical centers. Deb retired in 2019 after working at Sun Health for 18 years.

Mother and daughter are among the family generations who have benefited from the women’s health services available through both medical centers. Stacey gave birth to all three of her children in the Louisa Kellam Center for Women’s Health at Banner Del E. Webb. Deb received cancer diagnostic care at Boswell and Del E. Webb.

Although she had been working at Del Webb, Stacey didn’t fully decide where she was going to give birth until 2003, when she became part of a team to hire and onboard the Women and Infant Services director. She was so impressed with the collaborative and thorough process to hire someone who would best reflect the philosophy of family-centered care for new moms and babies, that she realized this is where she wanted to be.

Stacey says all three children were “textbook deliveries” and great experiences thanks to the support she received.

“It was all about my choices and decisions,” Stacey says. “I developed the birth plan that was important to me, and the staff was there to offer full support. They were incredibly friendly and helpful, and made every effort to honor my wishes. The design of the entire floor, together with the birthing suites, definitely has the mom, dad and the baby in mind. There’s a sense of comfort and it feels like a family space.”

Deb recalls how different the accommodations were when Stacey was born.

“When I delivered back then, I was moved to different areas and she didn’t stay in the room with me,” she says. “Now, not only do mom and baby stay in the same room, there are new comfort features like the bathtub spa to help you labor.”

In fact, that bathtub spa was a big benefit for Stacey’s sister when she delivered at Del E. Webb. “She loved it,” Stacey says. It was actually Stacey’s positive experiences that influenced her sister and cousin (by marriage) to have their second children at the Women’s Center.

Although Deb’s health care experience was different, it was equally as comforting. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, the diagnostic services she received on both the Boswell the Del E. Webb campuses offered the convenience and coordinated care she needed. She says she will always remember how comfortable the staff made her feel, and her entire medical team’s responsiveness to her needs. After undergoing treatment, today Deb is cancer free.

Because of community support for women’s health care that continues today through Sun Health Foundation’s Generosity for Generations Campaign, the Lester/Kling family is stronger – including Deb, her husband Clay; Stacey, her husband Billy, sons Dylon and Connor, daughter Teagan, and their extended family. Spending time poolside, family hikes, and traveling are just a few of the ways they enjoy making more memories together.

Stacey and Deb call the West Valley home and love living here. Having comprehensive women’s health care services close by – from childbirth to menopause – makes life that much better, they say.

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